West Bearing

history and today


our company history

West Bearing Investments was established in 2013.

Our first hire, Josh Frankel, CFP, was tasked with building our new division. With an opportunity to work with clients with assets starting at $750,000, we launched quietly primarily through a word-of-mouth strategy. Shortly after he was hired, Frankel brought his former colleague, Jorge Chavarria, to join the team.

Together, they built the brand and welcomed new clients, ending their first year with $50 million assets under management.

Chavarria was working for West Bearing until 2015, when he lost his battle with chronic lymphoblastic leukemia. Charissa Anderson, CFP, joined the team in 2017, followed by Chelsea Diamond and Angela Carpenter. 

There have been many celebratory and bittersweet milestones for West Bearing Investments. Working with the Ferguson Wellman team, the division continues to grow, providing investment management, financial planning and other strategies to help clients reach their goals.

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our company today


Clients benefit from over 40 years of investment experience

through the team of analysts supporting West Bearing Investments.


Because of our structure, West Bearing professionals have the ability to bring individuals into client meetings who have created the investments strategies that are used to create their customized investment portfolios. This, coupled with financial planning strategies to address anticipated goals and make plans for the unexpected, has resulted in more than 100 relationships with individuals and institutions.


by the numbers

Assets under management:

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Number of clients:

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(As of January 1, 2019)